She was beautiful,
she still is,
but never the reason,
why I went for her…

Her creator took his time,
but that doesn’t say,
why I didn’t waste time
that warm lovely day…

I went for her for,
she had a warm heart
her eyes told it all
she was no one’s foe…

I knew she could bring me
the missing smile,
I knew she could give,
my life an extra mile…

So i asked her,
if for her heart I race,
to make her mine,
would i win such race?

she told me to wait,
so I tightened my bait,
but I was too late
that was my fate…

But I manage a smile
for the chase was worth,
and i smile because
I lost honorably…


Published by: walterthekenyanpoet

I am a Kenyan Poet, Writer, and Passionate narrator with a keen eye for books and Print Media. I am not a bookworm but I admit I am addicted to learning new things and sharing knowledge. I am here not just to stay but to influence trends. I wont advise you to watch this space. I will instead advise you to stick to this page. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED, that's a promise.

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