I look at the publisher,
who in turn glance at me
with eyes above her spectacles
that she has not yet used….

“I like the manuscript…
she chirps
its so inspiring.
she adds,
“But am sorry,
she chirps,
we cant publish it”

The reasons best known to her
why she cant publish
what she really likes,
what inspires her…
A ‘Spec-tackled’ publisher.

So how will others get inspired?
How will others really like,
What they haven’t yet read?
Dear spec-tackled publisher…


Published by: walterthekenyanpoet

I am a Kenyan Poet, Writer, and Passionate narrator with a keen eye for books and Print Media. I am not a bookworm but I admit I am addicted to learning new things and sharing knowledge. I am here not just to stay but to influence trends. I wont advise you to watch this space. I will instead advise you to stick to this page. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED, that's a promise.

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