I look at the orphan
handed the title at two
by fate

Went to school
and regardless of odds
stood to earn a title
‘the dreamer’

Inherited nothing,
not even hope
But not even lack of hope
could stop the dream.

by tough life.
by myriad storms.
But not even these
halted the dream…

That’s how the dreamer
Mould other dreams
Inspire others
Treading her steps

I heard her say to them
“I may not bring back your parents,
but i will give you a reason to smile,
I will give you a reason to dream,
not because i can,
but because you earned it.
its your right


Published by: walterthekenyanpoet

I am a Kenyan Poet, Writer, and Passionate narrator with a keen eye for books and Print Media. I am not a bookworm but I admit I am addicted to learning new things and sharing knowledge. I am here not just to stay but to influence trends. I wont advise you to watch this space. I will instead advise you to stick to this page. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED, that's a promise.

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