Her only mistake
was showing signs
she would grow
at tender age of twelve
shoved into the bushes
to a theatre of pain

Her only mistake
was trusting her teacher
who forceful taught her
to be a mother.
Her dreams cut short
by a fellow entrusted
to make them come true
a theatre of pain

She tells her mother
dad and uncle did this
the neighbour did it too
Shhh… It’s a shame
no one should ever know
none to trust, none to confide in
A theatre of pain.

Men so ready to misappropriate
their weapon of mass creation
innocent souls maimed for life
made permanent guests
to a theatre of PAIN!


Published by: walterthekenyanpoet

I am a Kenyan Poet, Writer, and Passionate narrator with a keen eye for books and Print Media. I am not a bookworm but I admit I am addicted to learning new things and sharing knowledge. I am here not just to stay but to influence trends. I wont advise you to watch this space. I will instead advise you to stick to this page. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED, that's a promise.


4 thoughts on “THEATRE OF PAIN….”

  1. Very Powerful poetry indeed. Thanks for sharing this difficult topic. Bad things need to be exposed so that the world knows what is going on. Stigma and secrecy are deadly, so well done for breaking their chains.


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